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A email works the fastest if you require any assistance or have any questions. It's important to tell you about the quality of the patterns I sell. Anyone that produces a digital pattern can use up to about 90 colors per pattern. As a customer, it is important to know how MANY and WHO's (manufacturer) colors are used in your digital pattern. You need it be a reasonable, workable or stitch...able number. If I have to use more than 37 different colors, I don't offer the pattern. I made one exception where my cross stitch pattern used 36 colors, but my needle point pattern used 43. (I just Loved the finished pattern). Once I upload and analyze all my yarn or thread choices, I produce my ruff draft. Each pattern needs additional design work. I have not found one yet that didn't. Some take as few as a couple of hours and some take days especially if out-ling is offered. All my pattern pictures come in the specific manufactures color that I am selling. None are just black and white. I also offer symbols with the patterns that need them, for easy stitching. My Older patterns were uploaded into a special software before they went into a PDF form. When you set your printer options at page scaling to large tile up to 200%, you can get a pattern that is 400% bigger than anything on the market today. You need adobe software and a high end printer or access to a copy machine which does carry the necessary capability. If you do not have these capabilities, just send me an email and I will be happy to send you a file in black and white that prints from even the oldest type printers. All my latest patterns are increased already to 130% and all you need to do it print them. It will tell you in the description portion how it will print. Not all my patterns are digital. I design many of them from hand and stitch them as well. Some pictures you will see the patterns already stitched and framed. I use a solid picture with no grid for my jpeg. It protects me from anyone just copying the pattern, by using the "image as" and saving it to there computer, yet still allows you to view the actual colors of the pattern. Finally, I offer Needle Point Patterns and Cross Stitch Chart Patterns. Needle Points are done on Canvas, use yarn and a half cross stitch. The yarn manufacturers, there colors and types, vary greatly not only from each other, but also from the thread manufacturers. It costs a lot of money to purchase all the materials required to make a tapestry. That type of investment requires a material chart to work from. A tapestry will NOT turn out the same if you use Anchor Tapestry Wool verse Appleton Tapestry Wool. They all make very different shades to there colors. I sell both pattern types in most of my offerings. That way you don't need to choose until you are ready to stitch! Happy Stitching....there is nothing like it :>) Thanks for stopping by :>)