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Cross Stitching and Needle Pointing designs and patterns,are what we are all about. I wanted to add available options for Contemporary Patterns. I would see beautiful new Satin and Metallic threads, but no designs to go with them. When I saw the most beautiful candy cane Christmas card that sparkled in pastel colors,(Thanks to a very good friend Kari Bellinaso) the pattern of "Vase of Vibrant Pastel Candy Canes" was designed for cross stitch patterns. After working with Cross Stitch chart patterns, I patented a new pattern type called Cross Stitch and Hand Painted Chart Patterns. These Counted Cross Stitch chart patterns offer numerous options for background options to designs and produces a 3-D depth to Cross Stitching Tapestry. The application of hand painting a needlepoint canvas by a designer is the standard method for the last 100 years. That beautiful painting gets covered with yarn. By putting hand painting into the pattern, it stays visible. I then started creating Needle Point Chart Patterns. There are amazing digital images available today from the internet that can be turned into Tapestry Chart patterns. Software available today gives this industry the opportunity of viewing, combining and converting by manufacture their materials offered, into what a Tapestry will look like by the choices made when designing. It also gives you the capability of producing a pattern with much greater detail then existing methods. New Available Options, not better, just progressive with what is available today versus yesterday.